May 13, 2004

End of the Road

My car is a little past it's prime. By "a little", I mean kinda like how drinking antifreeze is "a little" bad for you. And I think it's getting grumpy in it's old age. Sometimes it doesn't let go of the key. The charming "your key is still in the car, you idiot" door chime goes off every time the door is opened, key in or not. Plastic panels are falling off, it burns oil, the driver's window doesn't stay up, the AC is busted, the "Anti-lock" dummy light is on, and the gas needle is only accurate to a half-gallon (a dangerious thing when combined with the fact that the "low gas" light doesn't work). It's a miracle of Detroit engineering that I get to work every morning.

So my wife and I went car shopping. We didn't want to anger our current car, so we'd park two blocks away from the dealers and walk the rest of the way. After a lot of searching, we put a deposit down on a new Prius. We're on the waiting list now. We thought we got away with it. But somehow, the car found out. Now it doesn't start sometimes.

I think I need to make some kind of peace offering. Time to pick up some car Geritol.

Posted by Kevin at May 13, 2004 07:36 PM
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