June 11, 2004


I got a new digital camera a few months ago (Pentax Optio S), and I really like it. It's super small, pretty quick, and does movies and all the fun stuff. Since I've gotten it, I find I'm taking a lot more pictures, just because it's small enough to take with me everywhere. But on several occasions (mostly at work), I've had a picture I'd like to get off of the camera and onto the computer. But since the cables are such a pain to take everywhere, and not many people have memory card readers, I can't get to my pictures. I searched for a solution...

Meanwhile, I had also had my eye on those cool USB flash memory drives. I had been using my webspace (which there isn't much of) to store any files I might want to access from more than one computer. Eventually, my webspace became littered with half-finished projects, and every computer had several different versions of the same file. It was a mess. I thought a USB drive would solve that problem well, because it would allow me to take the same files everywhere.

About two weeks ago I found the perfect solution to both problems. It's a neat little device called the Bonzai, made by SimpleTech. It's like a USB drive, but instead of having the flash memory built in, it accepts SD/MM cards, which is the type of card my camera uses. So now I can keep files with me at all times, and if I want to get a photo off of my camera while away from home, I just pop the card out of the camera, put it in the Bonzai, and plug the Bonzai in the computer. It's a beautiful thing.

So far, I've only found two things I don't like about the Bonzai: the size, and the door that covers the memory card slot. The Bonzai a bit bigger than most flash drives, although that's understandable, since the memory card has to fit inside of it. It still fits almost unnoticeably in my pocket, but if it were 25% smaller, it'd be perfect. As for the door, it looks a bit flimsy. It's not a critical piece, so if it breaks, no biggie. But it makes me nervous whenever I add/remove a card.

Overall, though: really cool

Posted by Kevin at June 11, 2004 11:20 AM

I want to buy one of these. It'll be a cheaper alternative to buying an additional docking bay for work. Plus I'd be able to use it as a USB key when I needed.

Which one should I get? I keep heaing how people claim the plastic is flimsy and cheap feeling.

Posted by: CDog at July 6, 2004 05:40 PM
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