August 09, 2004

A dinner is worth a thousand words

On Saturday my wife and I met up with our good friends Bill and Casey for dinner and a movie (Garden State, which was quite good). We went to the ultra-exclusive Romano's Maccaroni Grill afterwards. Not only do they have great bread, but they have "Learn Italian" tapes playing in the bathroom. That place just screams "culture."

Another great perk of this place is that they leave crayons on the table, which has a paper tablecloth, so the kids can play around and so the waitress can fish for bigger tips by doing cute things like write her name on it and use hearts for the i's. Our waiter was a mexican Elvis impersonator (I kid you not. He even had an Elvis tie. I would have gotten a picture, but I'm not sure he would have appreciated it), so he skipped that step. Elvis wouldn't be seen dead using a crayon. But I'm getting off topic.

After they cleared our plates, Casey decided to do a quick sketch of Bill, which then somehow led to all three of them doing sketches of me. (I was then too busy holding my "crazy handsome, yet approachably charming" pose to do any sketching of my own). Here are the results:

By far the artist of the group, Casey's drawings are pretty good crayon renditions, especially considering they each took her a grand total of three minutes.

If you couldn't tell, that's me on the left, and Bill on the right. Here are some actual photos for comparison.

Bill was kind enough to add realistic battle scars and pitchfork action. I gave Bill a good Pirate "Aargh!" to match the scar, and some extra hair for Bill authenticity.


Continuing the Pitchfork theme, Bill gave me a devil and angel on my shoulders -- perhaps symbolic of my nice-guy facade covering my danger-loving personality. That boy really knows me.


I'm not sure why she labeled me "Cooney," considering that's her last name now, too. I'm also not sure why I'm wearing a 1920's Yankees' uniform, or why my left hand is a propeller. Or why I'm smoking. But I do appreciate the continuing of the fork theme with the right hand, and the scar that Bill added. As for the uni-brow... well, that's just accurate, unfortunately. Nothing escapes her artist's eye. Also of note are the rays of power escaping from my sleeve and the lines of, umm, justice, escaping from my feet.

Apparently, my friends are quite artistic, and I had no idea. And apparently I have a thing for pitchforks.

Posted by Kevin at August 9, 2004 11:37 AM
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