August 16, 2004

The pen is mightier than the Big Board.

Note: This post was originally written on August 5th in anticipation for the riches that my new stock purchase would bring me. I wrote it ahead of time, since I would be too wealthy to bother posting to my website.

This is the revised edition.

As you may remember, I bought stock back a while ago for a company called GamezNflix. You've obviously heard of them by now. They rent dvds and video games and movies through the mail like Netflix. I bought several hundred shares for the measley outlandish price of $0.065 a share! I bet you wish you were pity me now!

I've created a chart that shows how much money I've made between then and now

Amazing, isn't it?

Here are all the things I plan on buying with my profits the pile of pennies that I have left:

A fabulous mansion!
A plaid puppy!
Rhode Island!
A year's supply of Eggo waffles!
Alex Trebek!

I've also started a charity that will spend some of my raise money for people less fortunate than myself.

I like to think that this investment shows that any one can succeed, you just have to take the plunge! So get off your butts and invest just go to work as usual!

Posted by Kevin at August 16, 2004 05:48 PM

Too funny! :)

Posted by: CDog at August 17, 2004 09:41 AM
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