October 06, 2004

Back to School

Ah, there are two things that you can count on to make you feel older:

- Visiting your alma mater and realizing you don't fit in anymore
- A good ol' inexplicable injury

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to experience both at the same time. Amy and I met up with our college friends at Notre Dame for our annual tailgater. While walking up a flight of stairs at the campus bookstore (I was making my yearly contribution), I suddenly got a shooting pain up my spine. While I'm not sure exactly what happened, I imagine it was something like this:


Out of nowhere. I can't think of anything that might have caused it.

So anyway, I spent the rest of the trip on my back, where I learned that (a) most ceilings could really use an extra coat of paint, and (b) people are suckers for injuries. They get you food, beer, etc., and you get to ride shotgun for the duration of the injury. Next year I'm thinking I might "hurt" my neck.

* This "smiley" was not homemade. I simply searched for "upstairs ninja back attack" on SmileyCentral, and that was the first one (of 27) that came up

Posted by Kevin at October 6, 2004 11:07 PM

Well Kevin, Welcome to my world. You're catching up to me, and along with it comes the injuries. As for your back, I'm not even go there. That's like a weak soft ball pitch being pitched to me, ready to be smacked. Too easy. We all know where that comes from, so no need to even comment. Nah, forget that, I'm all over this one:

X-mas gift ideas for the fam: His and His (you know who) matching heating pads, gym membership, little pillow to take with you to all events including weddings, velcro sneakers cause I know you're not bending over these days, I could go on, but I think I'm hogging the blog.

Don't tell YOU KNOW WHO about this, or else you're in for serious parental advice. But since this is on the internet, too late.

Posted by: B at October 7, 2004 09:57 PM

wow, that was in some weird fraternal-cooney-code I think.

Here's one for you and Amy:

man, hurting your back is about as crappy as spending the evening talking about Mr Majors

Posted by: Katie at October 8, 2004 09:26 AM

ps love the photo- very provocative

Posted by: Katie at October 8, 2004 09:28 AM
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