March 25, 2005

Drink Me, I'm Irish

This is a great time of year. Following shortly on the heels of Girl Scout Cookie day is St. Patrick's day, my next-favorite day of the year. As you can probably tell from my last name and my nearly transparent skin, I am of Irish descent. And while that's not a requirement for enjoying St. Patrick's day, I think it helps.

Normally for St. Patrick's day, I take the day off of work, go down to NYC to meet up with some friends, and see the parade. This year, however, I'll be out of town for the big day. Luckily for me, my town has their St. Patrick's Day early, so this past Sunday I had a nice stand-in for my yearly tradition.

It was enjoyable, but mostly uneventful, with the exception of this guy:

I was really impressed that Guinness went to the extent of hiring someone to dress like a giant Guinness and come to my small town's parade. Or maybe this guy just has an obsession with Guinness and a nimble sewing hand. Regardless, this guy was great. This picture here wasn't even supposed to happen, since I just wanted a picture of Amy and her sister with him. But after I took that shot, Guinness-guy insisted I be in a shot with him. As Amy was getting the camera ready, he said "Drink me!" and then leaned over, leading to the pose you see in the picture.

I have to say that as good as he was, I'm a bit mystified that this idea didn't really raise any eyebrows with the parade organizers, or with the Guinness marketing team. At the end of the day, many families will go home with a camera full of pictures of their kids posing with A GIANT GLASS OF ALCOHOL.

I had no problem with Giant Guinness (the best name I could come up with. My original instinct was to call out "Hey, Guinney", since that seemed like a good nickname, but that's probably not a good thing to shout, even at an Irish event), and I hope we meet again.

Posted by Kevin at March 25, 2005 06:45 PM
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