October 26, 2005

Kevin Rates BenRatesItAll

My friend Ben has started a website called BenRatesItAll.com, where he rates... well, "it all." However, it seemed only fitting that someone should review his site as well. So here we go:


Ah, variety. It — along with cumin — is the spice of life. And BRIA certainly has it in spades (variety, not cumin). From White Plains to Bath Mats, Ben is all over the map with his reviews, and I admire that. While other ratings websites are becoming more and more specialized, Ben bucks the trend and reviews anything that strikes his fancy. He's a salmon, swimming upstream on the internet superhighway. Uh-oh, I'm mixing my metaphors... I'd best move on.

In addition to his variety, his reviews have practicality that an everyman like myself can appreciate. He's not rating tropical getaways in the South Pacific, or fancy sports cars. Rather, he gives us his views on things that we all come upon in our daily life. Like Beards.

So his reviews are good, but what about the site itself? While I obviously prefer the "pick-one-color and go with it" approach to Web design, Ben has taken the opposite tactic and used the entire palette for his page — surprisingly, it works. The colors don't clash or fight for attention, making for a cheerful, easy, browsing experience.

While I feel his navigation could use some improvements by including a non-search way to browse his categories, the rest of the navigation works well. The Comments and Suggestions pages are easy to find and work with.

Overall, I'd give BenRatesItAll a solid "A", but I'm kind of a jerk. So I'll go with A-.

Keep up the great work, Ben.

Posted by Kevin at October 26, 2005 02:33 PM

Amy Rates Kevin Rates BenRatesItAll

This review was a nice length, and hit on some key points about BenRatesItAll. The color scheme on this review is a little monotonous, but more pleasing than the previous green scheme.

Kevin makes a good attempt at copying BenRatesItAll by applying an "A-" graphic, but misses the mark by failing to attach a picture below the grade like Ben does. I'm going to have to deduct points for that.

His review is nicely divided into small paragraphs for those of us who have short attention spans and generally just skim anything Kevin writes anyway.

Kevin's humor is nice and it is clear that he must be a very handsome individual. The writing clearly gives that away. I'm also gussing he has a hot wife.

Overall, I'd give Kevin Rates BenRatesItAll a B+. It's a solid, well-written review and it makes me want to revisit BenRatesItAll. And here's where I'd attach a picture of a trebuchet beneath the B+.

Posted by: Amy at October 28, 2005 09:46 AM

This review, and the review of the review, were just fantastic. I can't imagine a better way to spend a couple of hours than by reading, then re-reading the words on this page over and over and over again. Four stars! Oh wait... that's not exactly my idiom. Coincidentally, that A- image is copyrighted material and you may be hearing from an A+ lawyer within the next few days.

Posted by: Ben at October 30, 2005 09:26 PM
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