April 14, 2006

The Best Birthday a 14-year-old boy Could Ask for...

As I'm sure your page-a-day-countdown calendar told you, my birthday was just the other day.

From the looks of my presents, though, I just turned 14.

What Amy was planning on getting me:

What I bought myself one week prior to my birthday, messing with Amy's plans:

She recovered well, though, and picked up a slew of add ons for the kit I bought. Awesome.

Unfortunately, the metal in my retainer causes interference with the remote control.

Posted by Kevin at April 14, 2006 08:30 AM

NERD ALERT!!! GEEK ALERT!!! Whatever you want to call it. The fact that this post as never evoked any comments might mean that your geekdome
has reached new heights. Anyway I'm jealous! I want to get one so we can have jousts!

Posted by: Jboz at May 3, 2006 07:24 PM
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