April 22, 2012

Robot in train-ing

Amy was kind enough to indulge my inner twelve-year-old, and got me a Lego Mindstorms set for my birthday.

Here's my first project, which is a train crossing for Darren. (He's really into those right now, and I couldn't find a good toy version he'd like.) Using only the parts that came with the set, I was able to make something which could detect a train coming, lower the gate, play a bell sound, and flash a light. When it no longer detects a train, it stops the light and sound, and raises the gate.

The train detection is done with an ultrasonic distance sensor. Everything was programmed using the software that came with the kit.

Of course, the downfall of this is that Darren will want to keep this as a train crossing forever, essentially turning this robotics set into a ridiculously expensive train crossing toy.

Posted by Kevin at April 22, 2012 11:00 PM

Did not know Legos had products like this. After doing a search and looking through various Mindstorms kits... I now know what to get my son when he reaches 10.. maybe 9 if I can't wait :)

Nice blog, keep the creativity coming!

Posted by: Jifdc at May 6, 2012 12:32 AM
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