March 06, 2006


After my web hosting company "lost" my website, I knew I should be smarter about backing up my files. In the "offline" world, this was relatively simple: I bought a second hard-drive for my PC, and now save weekly backups to it.

The online world, however, wasn't as simple. I was able to set up a weekly cron to zip up all my files, but where would I put it once it's done? I don't have any kind of publicly-accessible FTP server.

My solution came via a PHP program called gDrive, which lets you use a gmail account (and it's 1GB+ of disk space) as storage.

So I wrote two scripts which tar, gzips, emails (via gDrive), and then deletes my archive once a week (script 1, script 2). Works great, and no more worries.

Posted by Kevin at March 6, 2006 11:44 AM