August 19, 2004

Joe Toyota

Oh man. After many, many calls to Toyota North, I found out that the odds of the Prius coming soon are pretty much zero. As our dealer put it, "With any luck, you'll have it by the end of the month-- I mean, year."

I guess that's okay, but what's really bothering me is that our dealer, Joe, is not being very helpful about the whole thing. He never answers his phone, and only calls me when I call him first. I'd like to think that a four month delay would be worthy of a call, but apparently not. I had to call to get ticked off.

So I don't recommend "Toyota North" in Mt. Kisco. I'd switch dealers, but I don't want to start on a whole new list, nor do I want to have to try to fight for my deposit back.

I don't know what, if any, course of action I have. Maybe I can get my geek friends to help me get my complaint to the top of a Google Search for "Toyota North" or "Prius Westchester". But I doubt they'd take that threat too seriously, nor am I sure I can even do it, since I can't even get my site to come up when searching for "Kevin Cooney."

Any suggestions?

Posted by Kevin at August 19, 2004 05:02 PM

Meta Tags.

Posted by: Brian Kelly at August 20, 2004 01:27 PM

That's a good suggestion, although I was really looking more for suggestions about the car situation in general, not specifically the Google search.

Posted by: Kevin at August 20, 2004 02:46 PM

Get your deposit back and wait for them to fix their manufacturing glitches. You'll have to wait on line again, but at least you'll have your money. If they bring this to scale, the waitlist will disappear eventually. Get a two-year lease, you live 2 miles from work so you don't have to worry about the miles. Keep it under 15K miles, then return it. You can get a phat ride if you lease for a bit. In two years, go back to that Toyota dealer, spit in his face, then tell him you're going to Rockland Toyota.

Posted by: B at September 28, 2004 05:20 PM

Well, I found this page via google mt kisco toyota prius so you've reached the top of the rankings.

Posted by: DC at April 15, 2005 03:25 PM

Well, whatever you do , don't switch to Rockland Toyota. They had no problem selling me a used car as 'certified preowned' with undisclosed frame-damage. I had no idea the car had been in two accidents because they did some funny business with the vin#'s during the sale. The car looked clean, but it wasn't. Anyhow, it has never worked and not only won't Rockland return phone calls, but when you do get someone on the line, they are argumentative and insulting. I will be pressing legal charges to get my money back. bf

Posted by: Brett Fangi at August 7, 2005 12:49 AM

I'm not sure what to make of Rockland Toyota either. I purchased a 2008 Rav4 4x4 there just over 2 weeks ago. The sales service was great. The people were friendly and worked with me to fit my budget.

However, yesterday on my way home from work I heard this terrible grinding and clunking sound in the rear of the vehicle. I pulled over thinking maybe I had blown a tire but all the tires looked fine. I got back on the road only for it to happen again only much louder until my car started to slow down by itself and I pulled over to the side of the road. I called Toyota Extra Care which is an option I purchased with the car for roadside assistance and such, but was told that they couldn't find me in their system. I then called the dealer to get the phone # for a Tow truck. I was transferred to voicemail the first time and had to call back again. I got the number of a towing company and had to wait an hour for them to get me. I then went back to the dealer with my car to see about getting a loaner car. One of the service advisors informed that they didnt have any loaner cars available. How convenient...

After telling him what happened with my car he went over to take a look under it. He comes back and says that there's a piece of my rear drivetrain missing!! On a two week old car!!!??

He then asks me if I've hit any rocks. I'm thinking, 'No I don't generally run over boulders'. I'd say 80% of my driving is highway miles and if a couple of small pebbles are capable of ripping apart the rear differential in an SUV, than maybe Toyota needs to take a look at the quality of the parts they use.

I really like my new vehicle, but I'm hoping this isn't a sign of things to come.

Posted by: NV at October 16, 2007 09:18 AM
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