August 27, 2004

2 French Labels and a White Boy Clone

Sometimes I struggle for things to write here. Other times, ideas arrive on my doorstep via international mail.

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from my sister-in-law, Katie. She lives in France (o-la-la!). Actually, it wasn't a letter, it was two postcards in an envelope, along with some magazine clippings. I'm not sure why she chose postcards, since she used two, and ended up using an envelope anyway. I like to think it's because sheets of 8½ x 11 paper don't fit in her tiny French apartment. Or, since it is August, perhaps all the big paper is on vacation in the Riviera working on their tans. Anyhow, here is the first postcard:

Note that it's a Ralph Lauren postcard. Apparently even her mail is preppy. (Actually, she used to work for Ralph. Now she works for another clothing line)

To save you some eye strain, here's a typed version:

I was looking through an ELLE
(American Version) I had bought
and came upon an article about
Beck. Brice pointed out (Brice
always seems to appear when
I buy these magazines... could
it be the scantily clad ladies
in the lingerie ads? No, the
articles) to me that in the
picture of Beck there is a
striking resemblance to Kevin.
Yes, Kevin. It's crazy! Please
see Exhibit A for your reference.

Now, for the record, I think
Beck is a good looking guy --

and so do many fans of
SPIN magazine. Brice
thought I should mention this
before you get your pants
in a bunch.
But just to drive home my
point -- please use Exhibit B
(aka Jessica Simpson's hair) and
cover Kevin, um, Beck's left eye
with gorgeous natural blond locks
so you can really see the twix.
(as my french colleague says)

That is, unless you've changed
your hairstyle since the last
time I saw you, but this is
definitely how I remember it.
If you're still not convinced,
please add Exhibit C to
complete the masterpiece.

OK NOW!?!? Get off my back!!

Ok sorry about that. It's
Sunday night and I needed some
kind of project. Kids, this is
what happens when you don't have

Anyway -- don't look
too far into any of this.
You look a bit like Beck,
I get carried away with
cut + paste.
Give a big hooty-ho
to my sis.

Katie + Brice
(Brice is innocent)

Clearly, this woman will not be babysitting my future children.

But I thought it was nice of her to take the time to write me a letter, disturbing though it may be. So as a sort of "thank you" to Katie, I've made a "Cut + Paste Katie" game for you all to enjoy.

Have a blast.

Posted by Kevin at August 27, 2004 08:57 AM

I for one appreciated the "Cut and Paste... me" game because I can clearly see that I have chosen the wrong hairstyle. You have opened my eyes to the options I have. The short and curly black crop is definitely flattering- but let's not even talk about the money I'll be laying down on conditioner!

So thank you, Kevin-

he looks so Israeli
nicotine and gravy

Posted by: Katie at August 30, 2004 03:59 AM
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