November 11, 2004

I've been hit!

Thanks to a link from Patrick Holland's Buzz List, my site is currently experiencing a significant rise in traffic. Which is cool. Just think: Hundreds of strangers are now clicking around this site, learning all about me.

(one thousand one, one thousand two, one thous--)

Oh dear lord, how do I stop this??? Where's the 'off' button on this thing? I don't want people knowing all the details of my life!

Actually, what am I worried about? I make all this stuff up, anyhow. Nothing to worry about. So back to the good news: More traffic.

To illustrate the change, I created some bar charts that precisely represent the traffic data on my site over the past three months. But I'll use these pie charts instead.

Here's my average traffic, before Patrick linked to me:

Now here's the average traffic after Patrick linked to me:

Note how my visits from "Others" went from 1 percent to 16 percent. It's amazing what one link to do to your statistics. Of course, since I have about 100 visiters a day, that means I only went from 1 stranger to 16. I'll take that, though.

Note: I'm pretty sure the new Rick(y) Schroeder visits are unrelated. Not to mention unwelcome.

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