July 27, 2005

Have website, will scam free stuff

I tell you, this web thing is starting to pay off big time. First off, I was recently invited by Patrick, one of my Internet heros, to write one of his Buzz List columns while he was on his honeymoon. The result, while not my best work, generated a click to my website from a friend of The Amish Outlaws, a band I wrote about earlier. That led to an email exchange with a member of said band, and that led to a free T-Shirt as thanks for writing about them (although no thanks was needed, though. It really was a good show).

Around the same time, I headed to a party attended by some family-in-law. Someone at the party had read my site, and happened to have a spare stand mixer bowl kicking around the house -- but no stand mixer -- and had the forethought to bring it to the party to give to me. (I won't mention who it was, but many thanks to that person.)

So what's the lesson here? I think it's pretty clear: You should give me stuff.

Posted by Kevin at July 27, 2005 08:40 AM

Here, have a free iPod on me, I insist:

Posted by: CDog at July 28, 2005 01:35 PM
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