April 08, 2005

A dinner is worth two thousand words

As my loyal reader(s) will remember, back in August, Amy and I went to dinner at the Maccaroni Grill with our friends Bill and Casey, after seeing a movie. Well, last weekend, we got to do the same with our friend Mark. And like last time, no sooner had the waiter taken our drink orders, the crayons came out.

Mark quickly put all of our previous tabletop masterpieces to shame.

Once I got over the disappointment that none of his drawings were of me, I was impressed, particularly since he had to draw everything in orange. (By the way, the guy in the upper left was a character from Sin City, which we had just made the mistake of seeing).

After our plates had been cleared, we turned our attention to the sugar packets on the table, since Amy has a habit of eating the sugar straight from the packets.* Sometimes she just eats the packets whole. She was happy to see that Splenda was starting to turn up everywhere, so that her habit will be a little healthier. This led to a lengthy discussion of which sugar substitute was best. To settle the issue, we decided to organize a taste test.

Here were the contestants: Sugar, Sweet 'n' Low, Equal, and Splenda. (You can also see my sad attempt at drawing a monkey, also in orange.) I emptied out each packet into its own little pile on a plate. At this point, we started getting looks from the other diners, who probably thought were were about to do (or were already on) some drugs.

Since the sugars were too distinct-looking, we had Mark close his eyes so he couldn't see them. I helped guide his finger to each of the piles. This is when we really started to get strange looks.

The results: Mark has no sense of taste (in either sugar or friends). He picked Splenda as the real sugar. In Mark's defense, he tried the Sweet 'n' Low first, which I thought left such an aftertaste that it made the others all taste the same. Maybe we should have been more thorough with our palette-cleansing between tastes. Or been doing something else entirely.

So this movie-and-maccaroni-grill combo is quickly turning into tradition. Maybe next time I'll bring my own crayons.

*Okay, she doesn't really eat sugar packets, but I don't remember how the whole sugar thing came up.

Posted by Kevin at April 8, 2005 10:59 AM

Looks like you have a habit of making dinner an activity-packed event!

Although I'm still embarassed about you going around Helen Keller style at that Mexican restaurant taste-testing the other tables' guacamoles.

Posted by: Katie at April 8, 2005 11:54 AM

MAN! Now Mark and I are going to have to have a Draw -off! I have to go and start practicing...

Posted by: casey at April 11, 2005 10:58 PM
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