May 09, 2005


candles.jpgPut on your party hats, because the blog turns one today! That's right, one year ago today was my first entry*. And what a wonderful year its been. Never have I been more popular at parties (yet never have I been nerdier. That's quite a paradox for you).

To commemorate this event, here's a special "Where are they now?" follow up on some of the more memorable blog entries. If my site were a sitcom, this would be the clip-show:

Gameznflix - What was once my retirement fund has been reduced to a slice-of-pizza-and-a-coke fund. Somehow they managed to sneak in another zero between the decimal point and their first significant digit, bringing their price-per-share from $0.065 to $0.0055.

Godzilla - After a few other backgrounds, I'm back to Godzilla. Sill no one has noticed.

Joe Toyota - I'm pretty sure Joe Toyota has moved on from selling Priuses to selling lunar real estate and other items with fictitious delivery dates.

Toyota North - Mere weeks after I made fun of their website (if you consider 14 "mere"), they redesigned it.

Dan Rather - Shortly after my posting, Dan Rather announced his retirement. Coincidence? Yes. But I'll take credit/blame anyway.

The Turkey - Still in the freezer.

Thanks for all the support from friends, and family, except for that one person. You know who you are.

Here's to another year of making stuff up!

* I later incorporated two earlier site updates as blog entries, which is why you see two entries before the May 9th one. But they weren't intended as blog entries, so I don't count them. Not to mention that one of them was about my sister-in-law.

Posted by Kevin at May 9, 2005 02:14 PM

The blog is 1 year old already... , they grow up so fast. Pretty soon he won't be letting us call him Bloggy, then he'll want to borrow the router and he'll come home late and ...

Posted by: Bill at May 9, 2005 05:17 PM

Nice end of the year recap, Kev! I love your tounge-in-cheek approach to blogging!


Uh, it is tounge-in-cheek, right?

Posted by: Brian Kelly at May 9, 2005 09:38 PM


Posted by: bizz at May 16, 2005 08:05 PM
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